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If you’re a startup gearing up to make your mark in the tech world, you’ve just found your launchpad. At Incubateur Télécom Paris, we’re not just located in the heart of the French tech ecosystem; we are the heart. Let’s dive into what makes us your best ally as you take on not just the French market but set your sights on global horizons.

With a proven track record, a prime location, and access to a world-class network, your startup will be perfectly positioned to thrive in the French and global markets. Ready to unleash your potential and propel your startup to new heights? Incubateur Télécom Paris is where your journey begins.

What is a Startup Incubator?

Startup incubators are organizations that support entrepreneurs in developing their business ideas by providing orientation, training, and infrastructure. They help define business models, secure financing, offer courses and legal advice, and provide workspaces. Aiming to establish new companies and promote innovation, incubators reduce the initial costs and risks for startups. They can be private, university-affiliated, or governmental and may be general, accepting proposals from any sector, or specialized, focusing on specific industries like social, sports, or technology.

At Incubateur Télécom Paris, we offer these services and more, tailored to the specific needs of digital tech and deeptech startups.

Why Incubateur Télécom Paris?

A Prime Location That Matters

Nestled in the vibrant Station F (world’s Largest Campus) and Paris’s 14th arrondissement, Incubateur Télécom Paris is more than just a location; it’s a nexus of opportunity and connectivity. Here, access to crucial business meetings, events, and an exceptional talent pool is not just a promise—it’s an everyday reality. Our strategic position within the city’s top tech hubs ensures that our startups are always in the loop and ahead of the curve.

Unmatched Network and Partnerships

As a proud member of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris, we offer our startups access to a vast and influential network, including collaborations with top institutions like École Polytechnique and ENSTA Paris. Our 32 cutting-edge laboratories provide the perfect environment for advanced research and development, driving your startup beyond the boundaries of innovation. Partnerships with industry giants such as AWS, IBM, and Stripe ensure that our startups have all the resources they need to scale efficiently and effectively.

A Legacy of Innovation and Success

Since 1999, we have been at the forefront of incubating digital tech and deeptech projects, guiding over 500 startup alumni to remarkable success. Our startups enjoy a staggering 86% survival rate over five years, a testament to our effective incubation practices and robust support system.

How to Join Incubateur Télécom Paris

Are you at the helm of an early-stage digital tech or deeptech venture and looking for a springboard to launch your ambitions? At Incubateur Télécom Paris, we’re not just about incubation; we’re about crafting success stories.

Why Choose Us?

Our unique approach goes beyond just offering space and funding. We dive deep into the core of your project, assessing its innovation, market potential, and the driving force behind it — you and your team. Whether you’re a fresh face from Institut Polytechnique de Paris or an external innovator, our doors are open.

Our Offer:

  • Personalized Guidance: Enjoy 18 months of tailored support. Our dedicated business managers and mentors are committed to nurturing your growth, providing regular advice, and steering your project towards success.
  • Funding Facilitation: We assist with securing grants and raising funds, offering hands-on assistance with applications and connecting you with potential investors.
  • Expert Workshops and Networking: Gain invaluable insights from our workshops and network with key industry players. Benefit from free stands at major events across the Paris region.
  • A Rich Ecosystem: Tap into our network of esteemed partners for exclusive benefits, collaborate with Télécom’s brightest student-engineers, and enjoy facilitated access to financial backers like BPI, VC firms, and more.

How to Join Us?

  1. Project Submission: Send us a detailed business plan or pitch deck via our website or email. If your project aligns with our criteria, one of our account managers will be in touch for a preliminary discussion.
  2. In-Person Consultation: Qualifying projects are invited for a detailed session at our premises. This is your opportunity to delve deeper into your vision and how we can help realize it.
  3. Pitch to Our Experts: Present your project to our selection committee. With a same-day response, you could be starting your incubation journey at the beginning of the next month following approval.

Success Stories from Incubateur Télécom Paris

Our incubator has been the launchpad for many successful startups:

  • Exotec 🦄: The first french Industrial Unicorn, Exotec develops solutions combining robotics and software to optimise storage processes and stock recovery in warehouses around the world.
  • Ekwateur: The firt green and 100% renewable and independent energy supplier.
  • 360Learning: The first comprehensive learning plateform.